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I am thrilled that you are here. 

It is my fervent belief that the meaning of life is life itself. And that the reason we're here on this earth is to enjoy our existence!


For as far back as I can remember, I have always questioned human suffering and pain.

Why do we suffer? Why is there so much pain? Is that what life is about?

My search for the meaning of life and the ending of suffering has taken me on a full-circle journey. Growing up in a devout Catholic home, I turned away from Catholicism in my teens and embraced the vigor of faith that evangelism provided. I thought this new faith would erase the deep depression and general feeling of sadness and loneliness I was experiencing but it didn’t.


I wanted deeply to feel that “kingdom of heaven” inside of me.

For a few years, I lost all faith and belief that happiness was possible. There was no need to seek anything. My motto became; Life sucks, and there’s nothing to do about it. 


Of course, that didn’t last too long. Something inside of me couldn’t quit the search. So on I went again.

 Discovering the Eastern philosophies of Buddhism and Non-dual Vendanta, soaking in the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism and now wanting more "proof" not just philosophies, I turned to Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Science, I also started embracing the invisible power of the mind by delving into Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction. 

I slowly realized that I have come full circle. In practicing hypnotherapy, and experiencing the life changing transformations of my clients, my awe for the mind and its power made me fall deeper in love with creation and the divine all over again.


All the time I was searching outside of me for love, happiness, fulfillment, and peace only to find that it has been inside all along. The Kingdom of heaven is truly inside of us if we know where and how to look. I love helping people find the joy within.

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Knocking From The Inside


I have lived on the lip of insanity,

Wanting to know reasons,

Knocking on a door.

It opens.

I’ve been knocking from the inside!

 - Rumi
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